Image storage_new-1 Storage

“The portable unit was clean, waterproof and secure. Best of all, the price was extremely reasonable!”
–  Randy Balko, Wisconsin Rapids


Image moving_new-1 Moving

“Nothing compares to being able to load on a schedule comfortable for you. An amazing value option.”
–  J. Lewis, Marshfield, Wisconsin



You are already ahead of the curve if you choose GoMrBox as your moving and storage service provider. GoMrBox containers arrive directly to your desired location, ready for you to load your belongings.
Our skilled personnel is trained and knowledgeable of the geographical area, rules and parking regulations.

With a ground level loading system you don’t need lift or walk up ramps, which makes loading your items even more convenient.The wide access door to your GoMrBox unit helps you load a range of furniture sizes and various other items with ease.

” Having a storage container at my location allowed me to move my belongings in and out as needed; it couldn’t be more convenient than that.”
– R. Hamel Nekoosa, Wisconsin

Our service is proven to help make the moving and storage experience less stressful. We work around your scheduling needs, you can pack as quickly or slowly as you choose. Usually our customers choose to have the container around for one month. In most cases this is enough time load and unload.

When your GoMrBox container arrives, it will be lowered from the truck and placed where you want the moving specialists to place it. Simply put in your items and then lock them for pick up.
At the time of pick up, the container will be loaded onto the transportation truck and either moved to your new location or delivered to the GoMrBox storage facility to be stored, as you desire.

GoMrBox containers are completely weather-proof. If it begins raining when you are loading your items into the unit, don’t worry, our sealed containers have absolutely no seam, this keeps your belongings dry and well protected at all times.
If you are loading the items in an extremely cold or hot weather, we have that covered too – GoMrBox containers are resistant against temperature changes and humid weather conditions.

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